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JLR Property Management | Condominium Management Services


Here are some of the services you will be provided:


Professional and timely maintenance and cleaning of the common or managed property is extremely important to all Owners. I understand this and am diligent in working hard to ensure that maintenance of the common property meets or exceeds the expectations of the Owners.

Only experienced sub-trades and suppliers are included on my approved trades list (which is every changing and growing). This ensures I obtain bids to perform services or supply goods, exclusively from companies who I know are competitive, have a successful track record, are properly insured, and are fully paid up with WCB.

Here are some of the duties your Condominium Manager will carry out, as directed by the Board of Directors:

  • Obtain bids for maintenance and repair from qualified, competitive sub-trades and suppliers;
  • Hire, supervise and train on-site staff; building management/resident
    manager/concierge/janitorial and security staff (where applicable);
  • Maintain common or managed property within approved budget;
  • Make regular inspections of the common or managed property;
  • Arrange for proper preventative and predictive maintenance on all elevators, mechanical and electrical systems;
  • Arrange for annual Fire System Testing;
  • Arrange for annual load testing of emergency generators (if applicable);
  • Arrange for custodial services in keeping with the building owner's needs;
  • Administration of common area building keys, security systems and intercoms;
  • Arrange for seasonal maintenance of the common or managed property including spring clean up;
  • Arrange for annual cross connection testing and required irrigation maintenance;
  • Tree and shrub pruning, planting and watering;
  • Cultivating shrubs and flower beds and tree wells;
  • Parkade cleaning;
  • Common are carpet cleaning;
  • Picking up litter from common property;
  • Snow clearing, sanding and plowing as instructed by the Board;
  • Annual certification of building anchor system;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Touch up painting;
  • Annual fire hydrant testing (if applicable).


I will attend your Board of Director meetings and your Annual General Meeting and take meeting minutes if so desired. For each meeting, the Board receives a complete report on all of the activities for which the Board has required action. Communication between meetings is important and I keep your Board informed of my activities at all times.

I communicate with the Owners, verbally and/or in writing, regarding notices or bylaw violations, as required. Owner's calls are always welcome!

  • Make all arrangements for your Annual General Meetings;
  • Attend Board meetings and provide background that will assist your Board in setting effective policies;
  • Provide your Board with copies of all correspondence sent out on your behalf;
  • Maintain a register of all unit Owners and Tenants;
  • Issue ESTOPPEL certificates promptly;
  • Provide emergency response, 365 days a year.


  1. BANKING: Your Corporation's funds are deposited in a separate trust account under your Condominium Corporation Name; only your funds are processed through that account; and only the signing officers of the Board of Directors has signing authority.
  2. PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENT: Is available to those Owners who wish automatic withdrawal of funds from their bank account to pay their monthly condominium contributions. Post-dated cheques are also acceptable.
  3. FINANCIAL REPORT: Early each month, your Board receives a balance sheet, arrears list, income and expense details, general ledger, expense report showing actual expenses compared to budget for the month and year to date.
  4. FIDELITY BONDING: To ensure complete safety of your funds, you are provided with a Fidelity Bond covering the funds in my care. This Bond is under complete control of your Board. JLR places a fidelity bond on all employees and carries insurance covering business interruption, liability and non-owned auto liability.
  5. RESERVE FUND INVESTMENTS: My experience over the years in investing your replacement reserve funds has made itpossible to seek out investment vehicles that provide the highest rate of return consistent with 100% safety for your funds. All investments are covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or are Government guaranteed. Investments are all approved by the Board of Directors prior.
  6. BUDGETS: I prepare a proposed operating budget each year for consideration by your Board. All budget items proposed are backed up by explanations of last year's expenditures and anticipated expenditures for the next year.
  7. INSURANCE & INSURANCE CLAIMS: On your behalf I arrange for required replacement cost appraisal, process insurance claims quickly and efficiently, and ensure your Board is aware of the insurance requirements of your bylaws and the Condominium Property Act. The Condominium Corporation shall name the Managers as co-insured in respect to public liability in the Corporation's Master insurance policy.
  8. TRANSITION TO MANAGEMENT COMPANY: You can rest assured that JLR will make the transitionof Management Companies as smooth as possible for the Board of Directors as well as the Owners. As soon as the Management Agreement is signed I am working toward the transition.

    Steps undertaken to ensure a smooth transition are:

    • The Board of Directors and JLR sign the Management Agreement;
    • The Board of Directors advise of notice to current Management Company outlining authority to JLR Property Management Inc.;
    • JLR submits a notice of change of address for the Corporation;

    • JLR contacts current Management Company for:

      • Owner list with unit factors and legal
      • Income statement
      • Fee schedule
      • Plan to confirm unit factors
      • Financial records and last audit document
      • Reserve fund study
      • Insurance documents and insurance appraisal as required
      • List of Contracts and Contractors
      • Outstanding liability issues
      • Utility, Revenue Canada payroll or corporation accounts and WCB accounts
    • The new condominium is set up in my property management software system;
    • New bank accounts are set up in trust (where applicable);
    • An introduction letter is provided to owners;
    • Utility accounts and contracts are updated with the new management contract;
    • Once management services commence, all related files of the Corporation are requested/picked up from the previous management company;
    • After the final fees are collected from the previous management company, the arrears and prepaid list is requested from the previous management company for immediate release. The management company is asked to provide an update of any NSF fees which may result thereafter.
    • Within a reasonable timeframe of 2-3 weeks after the final collections are received by the previous management company, initial funds should be released to our office payable to the Corporation. Final funds should be reasonably expected no more than 30 days thereafter.
    • Final documentation requested:
      • Final G/L
      • Final arrears and prepaid fees including ledgers
      • Final income statement
      • Outstanding payables
      • Processed payables
      • Trial balance for the year
      • Bank req's and statements
      • Any "AS BUILT" drawings, O&M Manuals, Warranties, etc.
      • Owner files
      • All other documentation relating to the Condominium Corporation